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The Den Waiver

Click the link above to download a PDF of The Den waiver. You must have a waiver on file in order to ride or skate at The Den. All participants under the age of 18 must also have the waiver signed by a parent or adult guardian. Guardian signatures must be personally witnessed by management of The Den or officially notarized off site.

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  1. Christian:

    I want a waiver

  2. admin:

    you may download one on the website but if you are under 18 your parents must sign it and it must be notarized at a bank. or they can come in and sign it in person

  3. Sam Dunteman:

    I have a waiver on file from ‘Circus’ skatepark. i lost that card though, should i get a Den waiver notarized as well if i would like to come back?

  4. The Den:

    yes you should get a den waiver notarized. and you no longer need the id card

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