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Please support The Den by shopping at our fully-stocked pro shop.

┬áDon’t see what you’re looking for behind the glass? No problem! Let us know and we’ll have our suppliers ship it here ASAP! We will meet or beat any price on the web! Also, for every $100 spent, you get a pass for free addmission to the park, and anything you buy from us can be installed completely free of charge. Need to order a custom wheel set? We’ve got you covered! Any hub, spokes and rim combination bought through our shop can be laced free of charge.

Some of the brands we carry:

12 comments on this post.
  1. charlie:

    do you guys have any frames?

  2. admin:

    not in stock but we can order whatever you want. just let us know what you would like

  3. Joey:

    can i rent a bike there

  4. The Den:

    no we dont have any rental bikes. u may see that in the near future though

  5. dom:

    do you sell chains? if yes how much is your cheapest?

  6. Danny:

    how much are ur petals and what colors do u have?

  7. The Den:

    yes we sell chains. our cheapest is $10 plus tax

  8. The Den:

    well it depends on what pedals u want but we have plastic ones and a few pairs of metal ones that range from $12 bucks to $100. colors are green, white, black, red

  9. Adam Patchik:

    could you guys let me know when you get some new den stickies cuz id like one

  10. tim:

    so u guys cant rent bikes out ALL MAN!

  11. The Den:

    we might have a few. come on by and check with the owner scott. he’ll let you know if we have them and if we dont, he’ll let ya know when we’ll be gettin some.

  12. The Den:

    we do not currently rent bikes. sorry man. we may be gettin some to rent soon though!

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